Grazing Tables


We love to create abundant, rustic and beautifully balanced grazing tables to help people celebrate any occasion, big or small. We fill our tables with food people love eating, a range of props to suit your style and elevate the food, and beautiful foliage to tie the experience together. 

Our grazing tables include:

A selection of high end cheeses, cured meats, sourdough bread, seasonal fruits, marinated or pickled vegetables, assorted olives, dips and condiments, fruit pastes, dried fruit with nuts and seeds, a larger selection of fruit crackers, wafers and breads, quality dark chocolate and rocky road.

If you have your heart set on something in particular let us know and we can endeavour to source it for your table.



One metre / up to 20 guests


Two metres / 40 guests


Three metres / 60 guests 


Four metres / 80 guests 


Five metres / 100 guests 


Custom graze / 120+ guests

Price to be negotiated 

For further important information we encourage you to check out our FAQ page